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Translation of Russian song lyrics

Hi. I don't really get this:

я не xочу думать дождь, - молчу я. я не люблю дождь. можно, я буду думать солнце.

I understand that "молчу я" means "I am quiet", but here it doesn't really make sense. It's from a short story. Any thoughts? Regards. New Guy
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Dear Salvador,

The sentence Я не хочу думать, дождь can be probably translated as "Rain, I don't want to think". Молчу я can be translated as "I don't say a word". Actually the sentence Я не хочу думать о дожде, я хочу думать о солнце makes more sense. It means "I don't want to think about rain, but about sun".
What short story is it?

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