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Translation of a Poem into Russian

I was wondering if you might be able to help me comprehend and translate these lines accurately. I have worked on them for quite some time, and can sense I am still making a lot of errors because, for example, it seems to be saying Kazan was attacking Russia, but at the same time seeking help from Russia, which doesn't seem right. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Когда светило дня к полуночи взирало,
When the lamp of day looked toward midnight/to the north

Стенящу, страждущу Россию обретало.
It found moaning, suffering Russia.

В ее объятиях рожденная Казань
In her (Russia's) embraces Kazan (being) born

Из томных рук ее брала позорну дань;
Out of her (Russia's) weak/languishing hands took a shameful tribute

Сей град, российскими врагами соруженный,
This city built by Russian enemies

На полночь гордою горою возвышенный,
In the north elevated on/by a proud mountain

Подняв главу свою, при двух реках стоит,
Lifting its head, stands at two rivers,

Отколе на брега шумящей Волги зрит.
From where it views the banks of the resounding Volga

Под тению лесов, меж пестрыми цветами
Under the shade of forests, amidst multicolored flowers

Поставлен Батыем ко северу вратами,
Supplied by Batu with gates toward the north,

Чрез кои в сердце он России выбегал,
Through which he (Batu?) rushed out into the heart of Russia

Селенья пустошил и грады пожигал.
Devestated villages and burnt cities

С вершины видя гор убийства и пожары,
From the peak of the mountain viewing the murders and fires,

Где жили древние российские болгары,
Where lived the ancient russian Bulgars

Разженны верою к закону своему,
Stricken with (filled with?) belief in their law,

Казань, поверженна в магометанску тьму,
Kazan, plunged into Muhammadan/Islamic darkness

В слезах на синий дым, на заревы взирала
In tears at the dark blue smoke, gazed at the blazes

И руки чрез поля в Россию простирала;
And stretched across the fields its hands into Russia

Просила помощи и света от князей,
Requested help and light from the princes

Когда злочестие простерло мраки в ней.
When evil stretched its shadows in it

Подвигнуты к странам природным сожаленьем,
Moved by natural pity for the countries (or with pity for indigenous countries/peoples?)

Народа своего бедами и томленьем,
by the troubles and misery of their own people

На части полночь всю расторгшие князья
Having divided/broken up all the north the princes

Смиряли наглых орд, во бранях кровь лия.
Suppressed the arrogant horde(s), shedding blood in battles.

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Hi Kevin,

Through which he (Batu?) rushed out into the heart of Russia - Yes, Batu.
Stricken with (filled with?) belief in their law, - Yes, filled with.
Moved by natural pity for the countries (or with pity for indigenous countries/peoples?) - Yes, with pity for indigenous countries.

The rest is well-translated!

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