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Russian Mixed Conjugation

Hi. I recently discovered a russian verb that followed both 1st ie -ю/-ешь etc decl type and the 2nd ie -у/ишь etc type. Possibly the word had two different meaning. Now I can't find it again :-( . And it made me wonder, are there many (more) verbs in russian that can follow both types? Thank you.
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Hello Lars,

Some Russian verbs have mixed conjugation, they have endings from the 1st and the 2nd type of conjugation. For example,
хоч-у, хоч-ешь, хоч-ет, хот-им, хот-ите, хот-ят; бег-у, беж-ишь, беж-ит, беж-им, беж-ите, бег-ут.

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