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Prefix “с” in Verbs of Motion

The following prefixes make sense to me...

вы means out
в means in
от means away
при means to come or arrive

What does the prefix "с" mean with verbs of motion? I've read that it means "getting together" in some sense, but I've seen cases where it seems that it adds nothing to the verb of motion being used. Please give some examples where "сходить" is used and adds some information to "ходить," just as an example. Any other examples for further clarification would be appreciated. Thanks!
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The prefix can have different meanings with the verbs of motion.
1. The verbs сходить, сбегать, сплавать, съездить, слетать, сводить, свозить, сносить In this case, the verb means "to go somewhere and come back".
2. The verbs сходиться-сойтись, съезжаться-съехаться, слетаться-слететься, сносить-снести, свозить-свезти. They mean "to get together, coming from different places".
3. The verbs съезжать-съехать, слетать-слететь, сходить-сойти also mean "come down from somewhere, descend".

1. Мне нужно сходить в магазин. I have to go to the shop.
2. Учёные съехались в Париж из разных стран. The scientists, coming from different places, gathered in Paris.
3. Он сошёл с горы. He descended from the mountain.

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