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Nominative and Accusative Case of the Pronoun оно

I am used to thinking that neuter substantives in ALL IndoEuropean languages have identical forms in the nominative and accusatve. How does it happen that the accusative of оно is его? (I'm evidently thinking of the pronoun as a substantive.)
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Hi Rocco,

Pronouns are not nouns. Neuter nouns do coincide in the Nominative and the Accusative cases in the Russian language:

Вот окно. Here is the window.

Я вижу окно. I am seeing a window.

But they do not coincide when neuter pronouns are used.

Оно красивое. It is beautiful.

Я вижу его. I am seeing it.

As far as I know, it happens in all Slavic languages.

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