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“I love you” in Russian


I'm wondering about the phrase "Я люблю тебя" (I love you).

Is that suitable for indicating that one cares about a friend -- in a genuine but casual sort of way? (Almost in the way two guys might say, "Love you, man," to a friend.) Is that the right phrase or is there something more appropriate? (I suppose the question may be as much cultural as it is about the language itself.)

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Hi Greg,

Yes, you can use the word "любить" in Russian in this context, of course. However, I would change the phrase a little bit. Two guys might say, for example, Какой же ты крутой, как же я тебя люблю (You are so cute, how I love you!).

Я тебя люблю sounds more convenient to use with friends than Я люблю тебя, which sounds more convenient when used by lovers.

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