Question from Robert, asked on 21 Feb, 2018

Surname, Иванов, used in the Instrumental case

Hi! Today I've read an article in Russian, and there was a surname, Иванов, used in the Instrumental case, it was "ИвановЫМ". I thought it had to be "Ивановом". Why is the ending "ЫМ" in this case? Thank you!
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Answered by Yulia on 21 Feb, 2018

Hello! In the case of Russian masculine last names ending in "ов", "ев" "ын" and "ин", the declension is different from the "normal" declension of nouns. As you can see, the last name "Иванов" has the ending of an adjective in the Instrumental case.

N. Иванов
G. Иванова
D. Иванову
A. Иванова
I. Ивановым
P. Иванове

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