Question from Jason, asked on 06 Mar, 2018

Pronunciation of the letter “Г” – “g” or “v”?

Hello! I have a doubt regarding the pronunciation of the letter "Г". I read that it'spronounced as "g" like in "English". However, I have seen that in some words it is pronounced as a "v". For example the word "CEГOДHЯ" is pronounced as "sivodnia" instead of "sigodnia". I wanted to know if there are any spelling rules about that. Thank you!
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Answered by Yulia on 06 Mar, 2018

Hello Jason,

In the Russian Genitive ending -ЕГО and -ОГО (моего, твоего, вкусного, вчерашнего, etc.) and in the word сегодня (also coming from the Genitive form ceго дня) the sound Г is pronounced as В.

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