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Feminine Endings for Adjectives whose Masculine Nominative ends in ий

I note from grammatical tables that the feminine genitive, dative, instrumental and prepositional for of the adjective русский is русской, and the equivalent for последний is последней. Suppose I just know that the nominative singular masculine form of an adjective ends in ий. How might I guess whether in the feminine genitive the adjective ends in ой or ей ?
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Hello George,

If in the Nominative case the feminine adjective ends in яя, which happens to a small group of adjectives with the ending -ний, -няя, -нее, ние, it is going to be ей in the Genitive case. If an adjective ends in -шая, -чая, -жая, in the Genitive case the ending is going to be ей, except for the cases when the ending is stressed - большой, but хорошей, горячей, etc.

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