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Difference between “замкнутый цикл” and “замкнутый круг”

Is there a difference between замкнутый цикл and замкнутый круг? I take it to be that the former is neutral in tone and the latter is rather more negative - a cycle that cannot be escaped. Have I understood correctly? Many thanks - you provide a fantastic service.
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Hi John,

They are synonyms. Замкнутый круг is more widely used.  However, замкнутый цикл is a technical term: замкнутый цикл водоиспользования, замкнутый топливный цикл, etc. So, it can be just translated as "complete cycle". Also, замкнутый круг is just used in situations with no escape, and замкнутый цикл means "a cycle of interdependent actions with no escape": замкнутый цикл насилия.

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