Question from John, asked on 02 Sep, 2019

Difference between “учение” and “обучение”

What is the difference in meaning between учение and обучение? And also, how in Russian can you express the idea of apprenticeship, that is to say when you learn a profession whilst working and receiving some payment? Many thanks.
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Answered by Yulia on 02 Sep, 2019

Hello John,

Учение is not commonly used in modern Russian speech, only in sayings. Обучение is very common and it means "education", "instruction", "learning", "learning process", "teaching", "training".

Тяжело в учении, легко в бою. The harder you train, the better you'll fight.

Повторение - мать учения. Repetition is the mother of learning.

Обучение студентов русскому языку. Teaching students the Russian language.

I would say that "apprenticeship" is стажировка.

Он проходил стажировку в нашей фирме. He took an apprenticeship in our firm.

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