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Difference between помещаться and находиться

I’ve run across two verbs which mean “to be located” – “помещаться” and “находиться”. Are they interchangeable? If you wanted to ask where something is, which verb would you be more likely to use?
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Dear George,

Did you mean размещаться and находиться?  They are synonyms, but we use размещаться when something is located inside: В Женеве Канцелярия размещается во Дворце Наций (In Geneva, the Office is located in the Palais des Nations). Находиться is outside: Кремль находится в центре Москвы (The Kremlin is located in the centre of Moscow).
We use помещаться with things, not with places, it means "to be placed", "fit", "to have enough space": Папка помещается в моей сумке (The file fits my bag).

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