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Difference between просто and только

What is the difference between просто and только, and how and when to use each one of them?
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Hi! Просто means "simply", or "simple".
Это просто. This is simple
Я просто смотрю.  I am simply watching.

Только  means "only" or "just".
Я только  хотела сказать "спасибо". I only wanted to say "thank you".
Он ест только мясо! He only eats meat (and nothing else).

Sometimes "просто" and "только" can be interchangeable.
Я только посмотрю  I'll just take a look
Я просто посмотрю  I'll simply take a look. In English it works the same way.

Только can also mean "just" in reference to time. In this case it is translated as "have just" or "has just" in English.
Я только приехала - I have just arrived

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