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Difference between за один, за одного, за два and за двоих

What it the difference between за один , за одного, за два, за двоих and so on, and how to use them?
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Hello John!

За один is the Accusative inanimate for masculine nouns, it is used with inanimate nouns (objects, not people and animals).

For example,

Пожалуйста, за один билет. For one ticket, please.

За одного is the Accusative animate for masculine nouns, it is used with animate nouns, like, for example, people and animals.

Пожалуйста, деньги за одного человека. Money for one person, please.

The same happens with за два and за двоих. Please, note that the form двоих comes from двое, which is called a collective number.


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